Technology Advantages

Fast load
Multiple data centers and global network allow users to access the system through nearby nodes
Low latency
Intelligent dispatching system always connects users to the best network resources.
Optimization engine
Optimized first frame loading strategy allows video playback to start instantly.


Live Steaming
Perfectly supporting for multiple live streaming formats such as dual-stream live streaming, multi-player connected, voice live, interactive mini-games, etc.. Various forms to meet the various needs of entertainment and game live streaming.
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Chat Room
Supplying Both speed mode and high-definition mode for team-game playing scene. Also supply interactive mode and broadcast mode for entertainment scene. NO delay for either speed or entertainment.
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Plentiful methods for KTV , take turns solo, single-player MV, two-player MV, and multi-player chorus, truly experience for KTV entertainment.
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Multi-ways Connect modules solve the pain of big classroom or small group teaching, and ultra-low latency technology solves the real-time communication efficiency of 1-on-1 video consultation.
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300ms ultra-low latency technology solves the requirement of the real-time bidding and lucky draw. Supporting a clear and fluent live e-commerce broadcast effects in complex network environment.
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Customer case

Support A Social Broadcast Giants Exploit Overseas Market
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Accelerate The Improvement of The Live Broadcast Business for Uplive APP
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Himalayan FM
High-definition Voice Broadcast for Interactive Connect Modules
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